Hi guys!

That is what I say at the beginning of all my YouTube videos so it feels appropriate here. My name is Julianne and many of you call me Dirtpatch. My husband is Mr. Dirt and I have two little Dirt kids as well.

Enough with introductions, I am a food production fiend… it is a problem sometimes. Our little 1.5 acre farm feeds us very well and that is something I want to teach you how to do as well. But what if you don’t have that much property you ask? No problem, the majority of our food production happens in my fenced in backyard, even my livestock are fed off of what is grown there. How do I do it? Permaculture. But not just any permaculture, I use every method out there and combine it until it fits my own needs.

I hope you will continue to read and watch my own experiments as I would love to have everyone feel like it is not only possible but a sure thing to feed your own family from the soil!

Love you guys! Talk to you later!

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  Is winter hard for you, not because of the cold, but because of the blahs or blues? My favorite thing about homesteading is the constant motion and interaction that is required to care for the plants and animals. There is no way to automate or get around those...

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Goats Everywhere!

We love our goats! Three little boy babies were born here, two bottle-fed doelings were dropped off when their mama died, and two older milkers were walked here from the neighbors. All in one week. We also have a lead on two new yearlings. That is a lot of goats for...

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