We pulled into Idaho Falls a week ago and boy does it feel good to be home and stationary! We are currently living with Jon’s sister, who is my age and more like a sister than a sister-in-law. While we are taking this little bit of a rest we have not been idle in making plans for the homestead and channel. First and foremost we purchased a little shed that is 12×32 and can be moved onsite without having to do any huge earthworks or a foundation. In Idaho as long as you don’t have a foundation and it is not used as a permanent house you can put down as many structures as you want without violating code.

Now comes the fun part…I want to involve my audience in the finish work. For one thing I want to try felting wool into insulating strips and have a need for instruction on how to do it. That is the most important one right now as we need to get a move on before winter gets here. The other part of the fun is that for all local channels who want to come and help we will do a series about their channels and give tutoring on how to improve their content in exchange for labor. To me it feels like the modern day version of a Barn Raising.

Inside of our new Tiny Cabin

While we are finishing the interior of the cabin I will be building furniture for the inside as well as a cooling closet on the outside that would allow us to store root vegetables, squash, and fermenting products like yogurt and sauerkraut. The first cooking tool I will use is a camp cooker and we will set up a very simple outdoor kitchen on the deck of the cabin. I am not sure how I will keep the winds out since we have a prevailing wind from the south west that never quits and the porch itself will be facing in that direction. First world problems for sure. After we have that outside cooking station up I will be trying to find a good solar cooker for baking and a rocket stove for days we don’t want to use propane for the camp cooker. I have never built a picnic table but I think I am going to get started on that so that on nice days we can eat outside and also for use as a preparation station for dehydrating and other food projects. I do love to spend as much time as I can outside so that would be ideal.

Ready for more? Well, our neighbor that I helped get her milk goat herd together is selling two of her best does and I am home to buy them from her! Their names are Pumpkin Spice and Apple Blossom. We also have the option to buy back a doeling from the girl I sold Chamomile to and that is just a dream come true. Once we are set up back at the tiny cabin I will be grazing these does the same way that I did our other goats on picket systems. Our renter is using our other girls and they are due to kid in May and June, which I am grateful to be here for since it can be scary for a first time goat owner to help with births. When the milk starts flowing like water we will be warming it up and adding culture to it so that it will be safe to eat without refrigeration. Whatever we can’t eat quickly will be fed to chickens or pigs after it has curdled. Doesn’t that just sound incredibly poetic?

Already back to work on the homestead repairing fruit trees

For poultry I am trying to find adult ducks so that we would have eggs immediately. Although we do raise babies every year that is only ever as a backup since it would take at least 6 months for them to lay. If you start young poultry the spring you don’t get eggs that year since the daylight diminishes too much as Fall comes on and they don’t lay well if at all until the next Spring. There are three coops already on our property and as long as the renters don’t mind my using one of them I won’t have to build anything to house them in. I do love ducks so much and hope I can convince the renter to get some herself to keep the slug damage down in the backyard food forest.

So there you have it! A full itinerary without dates…sorry about the no dates part…we are just going on a rough order of operation than an actual completion or move-in date!

Love you guys!

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