We are having such a good time going through all of the stuff we stored from the big house! The girls are putting on a fashion show every day and I get a little more hesitant about our ability to fit it all in the shed. All the boxes make me feel like a hoarder but for a family of four, this many boxes is really not too many, it just feels like it when compared to the eight we have been living out of for the last nine months! Do I wish we had saved more? Nope, I actually don’t remember most of what I sold or gave away. What I did save were tools that we use on a daily basis, good clothing, simple kitchen devices, quality fabric, and books. However, I do see that we have a lot of duplication. Maybe we don’t need seven winter coats each? Maybe I don’t need to hold onto the next four sizes in the girls grow-into clothes? Do I really need the girls school books all the way through college? Even knowing we can’t keep it all, I am sorting through very carefully rather than indiscriminately. It is very easy to say you don’t need everything but until we are actually moved in I won’t know how much we can really fit.

The shed feels monster big right now, especially with the sleeping lofts.

A lot of the daily-use personal items will be put up in the sleeping area rather than down in the common space.

The walls are still bare and uninsulated, and two little windows need to be up in the lofts to allow for lighting and ventilation. It feels like it’s taking a long time to get set up. I really want to be able to show different building methods and materials rather than just one, but getting the materials together and waiting for our help so that we explain it right in a video is taking a lot of wrangling.

The most fun has been getting the fire pit so that we can have some family fun outside and playing with Typhu (formerly Sylvester) in the grass after so much time in the minivan.

This week the new milk goats should be here, and if we can find ducks for eggs life will start to feel normal! Oh wait, I don’t have a duck house yet…I guess it doesn’t get more normal than that. I ALWAYS forget to build the shelter before I get the animal. Guess we will have ducks sleeping with the dog.

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